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Our History

Vinalearn was established in 2014, with the desire to build a professional English training environment according to international standards.


Every year, Vinalearn reaches new levels of achievement in both the number of teachers hired and the number of clients partnered with. 


We pride ourselves on being a professional, dedicated and hardworking team built up of foreign teachers and local Vietnamese staff. 


Despite being a new company in the competitive arena, Vinalearn has managed to partner with over 120 schools and educate over 250,000 students. During the past seven years, we have been entrusted with providing quality foreign teachers who can help schools achieve and exceed their goals in the teaching and learning of English. 


Based on parent feedback, our Academic Department works tirelessly to enhance our courses in order to help students become effective communicators in English, pass school-level exams, and earn international certificates.


As Vinalearn grows, we host more and more events to celebrate international holidays and cultural occasions.


We invite you to join us on our journey!

What We Do



Years of experience



Trained students



Certified Teachers





9 Years of Achievments

+ 100% of schools in HCMC are satisfied with Vinalearn's teaching and learning programs

+ 90% teacher retention rate 


+ Top 3 in public school companies in HCMC 

+ Provided over 500 teachers to more than 120 schools

+ Numerous long-standing contracts with well-established clients

+ Teaching, mentoring, and coaching students from primary and secondary schools who achieved outstanding results in English-related competitions such as: City-level Storytelling, the Southern English Olympiad, I Want To Be a Scientist and many more

Our Mission

Vinalearn was founded with the desire to find and supply professional and qualified foreign teachers to schools across Ho Chi Minh City.


We have invested in the best foreign management team to help expand Vinalearn and contribute to the educational growth of the students of Ho Chi Minh City.

Our mission is to provide as many students as possible the opportunity to improve their knowledge of English as a foreign language.


Primary school syllabi consists of the Family & Friends and the Tieng Anh book series


Secondary and high school syllabi consists of the Access, Smart Time, and Tieng Anh book series


We also run a math and science curriculum that starts at Grade 1 and runs through to Grade 12 

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Over the past 5 years Vinalearn has given me the chance to live, grow, and thrive in Vietnam. It is my mission to extend this opportunity to all our teachers.

Joe Woolley - Head Teacher

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